Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Warmup Drill: Walking Punches
Grps of 2: Begin at one end of gym. On GO! strikers punch padholder to next cone/position. Short rest. Repeat to other side of gym.

Elbows 1-3
Combo: Forward/Rear Straight + Rear Elbow

Front Kick Vertical Target
Combo: Forward/Rear Straight + Rear Elbow (padholder steps back) + FKVT

Rear Choke

Ground – Forward Roll, Back Fall Break

Bearhug Front Arms Free (neck leverage)

Ground-Kick Off From Guard

Ground-Neck Leverage Variation*
*Attacker in guard, close. If defender cannot create space for Kick Off, perform a several defense as neck leverage bearhug, reaching around head and peeling. Include a buck as the attacker rolls off.

Final Drill:
Attack Options:
Push and chase as defender performs Forward Roll Back Fall Break. Get into guard, additional attacks based on student experience.
Attack with Bearhug Front Arms Free

Warmup: Kicks Across Room
Right: FGK, FKVT, RHK, Side Kick, Back Kick…switch stance
Left: FGK, FKVT, RHK, Side Kick, Back Kick

Jumping Kicks:

Knife – threat, def. to dead side
Knife – threat, def. to live side

Final Drill:
Roaming attacker. Threatens with knife. Can choose to attack with any knife stab before or during the knife threat defense.

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