Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Warmup Drill: Slow & GO!: Hammerfist Forward

Side Hammerfist

Knees w/ Clinch

Drill: All out Straights/Hammerfist Forward. Second padholder cues for Side Hammer + Clinch Knees

Rear Choke

Warmup Combo: Forward or Rear FGK + L/R/L/R Punch

Advancing Front Groin Kick

Defense vs. Front Kick (Redirect)
Defense vs. Front Kick (Stopping)

Bearhug Arms Free (Space)
*Focus on incorporating FGK into defense, not just a ton of knees.

Jumping Side Kick
Jumping Round House Kick

Drill: Ninja in the Middle
Grps of 3, Striker, 2 Padholders. Striker in middle. Padholders move around cuing for Jumping Side/Round Kick

Gun from the Side of the Head

Gun from the Side Behind the Arm

Gun from the Side Front of Arm (if time)

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