Lesson Plans Wednesday, January 13, 2016

-Shadowboxing + Sprawls
-Shoulder Tap Drill

360 Defense
Knees w/ Clinch
Grps 2, Atkr, Def. Attacker sends 360. Defend and burst into clinch. Send several knees, finish and reset.

Front Choke 2-Hand Pluck

DRILL – FINAL: Roaming Attacker
Grps of Atkrs, Defs. Defenders spread out neutral, eyes closed. Attackers roam applying Front Choke. Attacker can choose to pull back from defense and send 360 for defend/clinch/finish from above.


Headbutt (All Directions)
Grps 2. Strkr, Pad. Padholder cues for any headbutt to start combo. Striker sends headbutt then transitions if necessary to continue striking as appropriate.
*NOTE: Goal is to identify target/send weapon so speed of combo should be as fast as possible while being fluid.

Headlock Side
Ground Side Headlock – Forward
Ground Side Headlock – Backward

DRILL – FINAL: Role Flow
Grps of 4 (A, B, C, D) in a line, spread out. A starts of as attacker, B neutral eyes closed, C and D lying on ground/side. A attacks B with Side Headlock. B defends and moves to attack C with Ground Headlock Forward, while A stands neutral, eyes closed. After defending, C moves on to attack D with Ground Headlock Backward, B stays on ground. After defense, C stays on ground, D runs down to attack A, and flow resumes.

DRILL – W/U: Tabata Punches
Grps 2, Stkr, Pad. Striker sends all out punches for 20 seconds, then rests 10 seconds. Repeat for 4 rounds then switch. After other person goes, repeat again for a total of 8 rounds per person.

Gun from the Front (Review)
Gun from the Side of the Head
Gun from the Side, Front of Arm

Grps 3, Pad, Stkr/Defr, Roaming Atkr. Padholder cues Striker for any forward combative and a number of strikes to be thrown. Attacker can apply any Side Attack (Gun, Choke, Headlock). Defend and back on pad.

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