Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Beginner (A2)

Straight Punch with Advance

Straight Punch with Retreat

Elbows 4 and 5

Round Kick

Drill 1: Groups of 2; 1 curved kick shield and 1 Striker. Curved kick shield holder holds for 2 Advancing Straight Punches or Round Kick (they both cover a longer range than regular Straight Punch, but Advancing punches cover distance and Round Kick .

Drill 2: Groups of 3; 2 curved kick shield holders and 1 Striker. Holder 1 holds exactly the same as in Drill 1. Holder 2 can give Striker a tap from behind at any time. Depending on hold, Striker makes an Elbow 4 or Elbow 5, then turns and faces and makes 4 Straight Punches with Retreat. Striker resets to face Holder 1.

Headlock from Behind

Final Drill: Same as Drill 2, but Holder 2 can also drop pad and apply Headlock from Behind.

Intermediate (A2)

Thai Pads

Round 1: 1K-4K

Round 2: 1K-4K + if combination ends in rear round kick, add a lead hook/cross. If combination ends in a lead round kick, add a cross/hook, i.e. 3K= Jab/cross/hook/rear kick/hook/cross.

Round 3: Same as Round 2, but add an additional round kick, i.e. 3K= Jab/cross/hook/rear kick/hook/cross/lead kick. 2K= Jab/cross/lead kick/cross/hook/rear kick.

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)

Defense v. High Round Kick (covering)

Defense v. High Front Kick (redirect)

Drill: 5 for 5 defend the High Round Kick (either 2 or 3 point block or covering) OR High Front Kick.

Drill: Both partners touching shoulders, A can attack B with High Round Kick or High Front Kick. Switch roles.

Final Drill: Peripheral Vision Training! Groups of 3. A can attack B with either High Round Kick or High Front Kick. C can stand to either side of B and hold up fingers for A to call out that number. A’s goal is not to turn their head or take direct line of vision off B–remember, peripheral vision! As A gets better at identifying numbers, C can make number recognition more challenging by keeping hands inside their silhouette instead of holding up high, or using two hands.

Advanced (A2)

Focus mitts

Round 1: 1-10

Round 2: 1Elbow-10Elbow

Round 3: Opposite Stance

Knife – defense v. back slash

Knife – defense v. upward stab

Drill: A/B Drill

Final Drill: A/B Drill with Non-Compliant Attacker: Attacker gives verbal cue for Defender to open eyes and makes Back Slash. Off the initial redirect, Attacker attempts to retain possession of the knife (pulling arm back toward weapon side hip) and makes Upward Stab. Defender always attempts to control immediately after initial redirect, but makes Defense v. Upward Stab if Attacker is too fast.

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