Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Beginner (A2)

Straight Punches

Palm Heel Strikes

Round Kick

Drill: 3 minute 3 man relay

2 curved kick shields per group

Striker 1 must perform 20 punches and 10 round kicks right, 10 round kicks left on curved kick shield, meanwhile Striker 2 is performing Ground & Pound Palm Heel Strikes on 2nd curved KS. Once Striker 1 finishes they take curved kick shield, padholder goes to G&P station, Striker 2 goes to punches and round kick station, etc.

Choke from the Front (1-handed)

Headlock from Behind

Drill: A/B Drill with either Choke from the Front (1-handed) or Headlock from Behind


Intermediate (A2)

Gloves and shin guards on

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low (quick review from Level 1)

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)

Defense v. High Round Kick (covering)

Round 1: A calls for Basic combinations using gloves as Focus Mitts. A can make Straight Punch Low at any time, B defends.

Round 2: A can make High Round Kick at any time between calling combinations. B makes 2 and 3 point block.

Round 3: A can make High Round Kick at any time between calling combinations. B makes covering defense.

Reverse Headlock Standing

Drill: 3-step isolation sparring with Reverse Headlock Standing. A can attack B with Straight Punch Low or  High Round Kick. If A lands Straight Punch Low, B must lean forward as if struck and A applies Reverse Headlock Standing. B makes defense. Partners switch roles every 3 combatives.


Advanced (A2)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

2 Jumping Front Kicks

Jumping Side Kick

Drill: Combative Stations: Curved KS holders line up across from Strikers. KS holder always hold for the same combative while Strikers change stations. 30 seconds at each station. On instructor’s call of “ROTATE!” everyone shifts right. Station 1: Spinning Outside Slap Kick. Station 2: 2 Jumping Front Kicks. Station 3: Jumping Side Kick. Station 4: Round kick to a sprawl. Station 5: 2 punches and a push-up.

Advanced Gun – from front, assailant using off hand

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