Lesson Plans Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Straight Punch w/ Advance

Straight Punch Low

Round Kick


Groups of 2, Striker, Padholder. Striker calls out a number, indicating the number of Straight Punches to be thrown. After cue, Striker sends a Straight Low, followed by the cued number of Straights, finishing with a Round Kick, based on Padholder’s cue.

Headlock Rear


Same as above. Rotate through selecting pairs to roam and apply Headlock Rear to Strikers.



DRILL – WARMUP: Ground & Pound 1

Everyone begins mounted on pad. On “GO!” begin all out Ground Strikes. On “LEFT!/RIGHT!” Strikers grab pad and perform one complete roll as cued, back onto pad and strikes.

Ground – Side Mount Position and Strikes

DRILL: Ground & Pound 2

Everyone begins mounted on pad. On “GO!” begin all out Ground Strikes. If instructor cues either “LEFT!/RIGHT!” Strikers shift to appropriate Side position/strikes. If instructor cues “CENTER!” return to mount/strikes.

Ground – Foot Grab Strip

DRILL: Ground & Pound 3

Groups of 2, Striker, Attacker. Same as above, but instructor adds “ATTACK!” cue. Attacker pushes Striker onto back and pulls Ankle for defense.

Ground – Guard Escape (stack and gouge)

Groups of 2, one on back, other in Guard. Person in Guard performs Stack/Gouge Escape, then grabs and pulls partner’s leg for Ankle Grab Defense. Repeat, switching starting positions each time.



2 Jumping Front Kicks

Jumping Side Kick

Jumping Round Kick


Jumping Side Kick + 2 Jumping Front Kicks + Jumping Round Kick

Knife Defense – Front Stab

Knife Defense – Back Slash


Groups of 3, Defender, Attacker, Padholder. Defender and Attacker start at one end of the gym, Padholder at opposite end. Defender runs down and performs appropriate Kick based on Padholder cue, then runs down to Attacker who attacks for either Knife Defense above. Repeat for time.

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