Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Advancing Straight Punch Review
Straight Punch Low
Low Punch Defense
Front Choke – 1 Hand Pluck
Roaming Attacker. Defenders neutral, eyes closed. Attackers cue verbally to send low punch or tactile cue with choke.
Basic Takedown Defense (Spin on Centerline)
Advancing Front Kick
Reflexive Defense vs. Front Kick
Front Choke – Against Wall
Grps of 2, rotating positions. Defender begins near wall, neutral, eyes closed. Attacker gives verbal cue for Front Kick or Takedown attack or tactile cue with Choke Against Wall. After defense, attacker should be near wall. Switch roles and repeat.
Stomp Kick Review (DFK, Back Kick, Sides)
Punch One Direction, Kick In Another
Knife – Threat Defense to Dead Side
Knife – Threat Defense to Live Side
Grps 3, Defender, 2 Attackers/Padholder. Defender neutral, eyes closed. Attacker cues, presenting knife. Other attacker positions with pad. After defense, follow up accordingly, sending kick to pad, positioning knife holder between, etc. based on setup. Attackers should vary setup each round.

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