Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inside Defense vs. Straight Punch
Straight Punch Low
Inside Defense vs. Low Straight Punch
Wrist Releases
Wrist Grab/Pull Defense (Multiple Angles)
DRILL: Roaming Attacker. Defenders’ eyes closed. Can cue and straight punch high or low or pull wrist.

Combative Review:
-Hammerfist Forward
-Elbow 3
-Knees w/ Clinch
DRILL: Groups of 3 (1 Striker, 2 TS holders). Striker knees padholder one across the room. At end begins sending all out Hammerfists. Padholder 2 cues for Rear Elbow, striker sends, turns, clinches and knees back to start.

Bearhug Behind Leverage on Finger
Bearhug Behind w/ Lift
Bearhug Front w/ Lift

DRILL: Same as above, but second padholder can cue for strike or apply Rear Bearhug.

Thai Pad Combo Warmup
General Defense vs. Medium to High Kicks
Sliding Defense vs. High Round Kicks
Face to Face Throw

Final Drill/Sparring:
Groups of 2. At least one group begins with a Face to Face Throw, which then starts a ground fight, each attempting to gain dominant position/submission. Other spar 30-60s rounds with 30-60s rest. Multiple groups can begin with F2F Throw depending on space/padding.

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