Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Knees w/ Clinch
DRILL: Find Your Padholder
Groups of 2. Strikers begin on belly, eyes closed. Padholder positions somewhere in room. On “GO!” striker gets up, locates Padholder and sends burst of Knees before cue to “RESET!”

Ground – Side Position/Movement
Ground – Side Position Getup
Ground – Side Position Front Kick
Groups of 3, Striker, 2 Padholders. Striker begins on ground in Side Position. Striker follows as Padholder moves, when within range, Striker sends Side Front Kick, Getup and finds other Paholder for burst of Knees. Second padholder cues to “RESET!”

Uppercut Back Kick
Bearhug Rear Arms Free
Bearhug Rear Arms Free (Lifting)
Groups 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. Defender sends all out strikes to pad. Attacker applies Bearhug Lifting. Defend and return to striking.

Ground – Side Mount Position and Strikes.
Ground – Fallbreak Side
Groups 3, Defender, Padholder, Attacker. NOTE: Striker’s side should be toward Crash Pad. Defender sends all out strikes to pad. Attacker applies Bearhug Lifting, attempting to take to the ground. Defender defends if possible. If taken to ground, Attacker should attempt to gain Side Mount, but should not turn into a long grappling round to keep groups moving.

Spinning Outside Slap Kick
Focus Mitt holders scattered around room. Strikers run to each, performing a kick. Perform ONE burpee after each kick. Second round TWO burpees, THREE third round.

Hip Throw
Same as above, but people scattered through the room simply get tossed by the people running around instead of kicked.

Knife – Threat to Dead Side
Knife – Threat to Live Side

DRILL-FINAL: Dizzy Drill
Attacker’s nearby their partner. Partner places head on stick, touching the ground. On “SPIN!” defenders must spin as fast as possible around stick. On “DEFEND!” defender should move stick a safe distance away, Attacker applies Knife Threat, defend accordingly. After first defense, reset a defend again, and again, a total of three threats/defenses as dizziness wears off. Switch roles for next round.

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