Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Beginner (B3)
Round 1: Target recognition: 2 hand combatives or 2 knees. Alternate type of hand combative, i.e.hammerfist to elbow. Switch.
Round 2: Find your partner drill. After the push up, striker must find pad holder and throw non-stop hand combatives until instructor calls time. Switch.
Round 3: Ground, Pound, and Drag drill with belts. Striker on pad for G&P until instructor yells sprint. Striker sprints with belt resistance to opposite side of the mat and back.
Inside Defenses
Inside Defense vs. Straight Punch Low
Drill: Diving for the Pads: Have partners line up facing each other at the center of the mat with the curved kick shield between them. Partners should be equidistant from the pad, with elbows on knees. On instructor’s call of “GO!” students attempt to touch pad first. Whoever can get it first can either hold for 20 straight punches or drop pad and make a Straight Punch or Straight Punch Low. Defender makes punches or defense with follow up combatives. Play with variations of distance (3 steps away, at opposite ends of the mat) and how they must get there (begin on stomach facing away from knife, bear crawl, army crawl, etc.). Rotate one line at regular intervals to allow for different match-ups.

Intermediate (D3)
Thai Pads
Round 1: 1K-10K
Round 2: 1K-10K. If combo ends with a rear kick, finish with a lead hook/cross. If combo ends with a lead kick, finish with a cross/lead hook.
Round 3: Round 2 + add an additional opposite kick, i.e. 1K = jab/rear kick/lead hook/cross/lead kick. 2K = jab/cross/lead kick/cross/lead hook/rear kick.
Choke Behind Against Wall
Choke Behind with a Pull
Drill: A/B Drill. A’s line up facing wall. Attackers can apply Choke from Behind Against a Wall or Choke from Behind with a Pull

Advanced (D3)
4:00 round; 15 second intervals; Partners switching pad every 15 seconds
Round 1: Straight punches, FGK, Hammerfists, Jump Spinning Back Kick
Round 2: G&P to kick shield, other person doing plyometric—alternate between burpees and jumping knee tucks
Round 3: All hand combatives, FKVT, all hand combatives, Round kick
Gun to the Side of the Head

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