Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Beginner (B3)

Elbow 4

Punches- Straight Punch

Hammerfist Forward


Drill: Groups of 3: A/B/C. A holds pad for B, calling out any number 1-10. B throws that number of hand combatives, either straight punches or Hammerfist Forward. C is a roaming attacker and can tap any B from behind with pad. B throws Elbow 4, turns and follows up with 4 knees, before returning to resume hand combatives on A.

Choke from the Side

Drill: Same as above, except C can also drop pad and apply Choke from the Side.


Intermediate (D3)

Side Kick (with and without advance)

Drill: Side Kick Competition! Have 2-4 of the largest people in class holding the curved kick shield with the rest of the students divided evenly into lines in front of them. Everyone tries to get the pad holder to have to move back with Advancing Side Kick. Rotate the big guys in for a couple of tries as well.

Drill: Groups of 3. A/B/C. A’s are holding for B’s, 10 straight punches, 10 FKG, 5 round kicks right, 5 round kicks left, 5 sprawls into a knee. Repeat. C’s can verbal cue for Side Kick or Side Kick with Advance depending on distance, followed up by 4 hand combatives.

Outside Defense 1-5

Drill: Groups of 3. Defender in the middle in neutral position. Attackers make a verbal cue and throw a punch from the front, slightly off angle, or from the side. Defender performs one of the Outside Defense 1-5 with follow up combatives before returning to neutral. Emphasize unpredictable timing between attackers making punch.


Advanced (D3)

Spinning Outside Slap Kick

Drill: Focus Mitts: Combinations 1-10. Add Spinning Outside Slap Kick to any combination ending in a hook (3, 7, 9)

General Def. v. Medium to High Kicks

Gun – from behind at a distance

Drill: Groups of 3. A/B/C. A is attacking B with Medium to High Kicks. B defends with General Defense v. Medium to High Kicks. C is a roaming attacker and can attack any B at any time with Gun – from behind at a distance.

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