Lesson Plans Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Elbows 4-7
Side Hammerfist
Knees w/ Clinch
*Build the Drill, after each combative. After elbows, padholder can cue for any elbow practiced. After SHF, PH can cue for any elbow or SHF. After knees, same as previous drill, but after sending elbow/SHF, clinch and send all out knees.
Choke from the Side

Final Drill: Round Robin
Grps of 3. Attacker and Defend start at one end. Padholder at opposite. After defending, defender runs down to send 10 knees to pad, sprawls, then 10 more knees, sprawl again then take the pad. Padholder runs down to attack new defender. Repeat for time.

Warmup Drill:
Grps of 2, padholder and striker at one end of gym. Set up cones/markers along floor. Striker performs 20 alternating Straight Punches + 10 Front Groin Kicks per leg, clinch and Knee to next cone. Repeat depending on space, could be to other end of gym, down and back, etc.

Basic Takedown Defense/Spin on Centerline
DRILL: Takedown Defense, spin then knee burst.

Choke Front Against Wall
Choke Rear Against Wall

Final Drill:
Defender standing in front of wall, spins slowly. Attacker can:
Hold pad to chest, cue defender and rush for takedown defense, spin + knees.
Either choke against wall, depending on how defender is facing when attack is applied.

Warmup Drill: Power Straights
Padholder cues for either side straight, striker sends ONE HARD strike.

Punch one direction, kick another direction

Knife – Downward Stab (Review/Quick)
Knife – Upward Stab (Review/Quick)

DRILL: Line of Attackers
One defender standing in front of single line of attackers. Attackers one at a time send upward or downward stab. Defender only defends/sends counter punch. IF ADVANCED, occasionally an attacker that just went can attack with a shirt grab/shank attack.

Knife – threat def. to dead side
Knife – threat def. to live side

Final Drill: Random Attack
All students walk randomly around room, close proximity, eyes toward the ground. Some students have knives. Attacker calls out another student’s name, either threatening with the knife or attacking with a stab. Defend, disarm and switch roles.

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