Lesson Plans Wednesday, August 28, 2013


“Legs For Days!”

Front Kick (groin) – both legs

Round Kick


Combination: left front kick/right round kick/right knee

Ground – Side Position

Ground – Side Kick

Ground – Get Up from Side

Drill: Ground Side Position, Kick and Get Up, Give Left Groin Kick/Right Round Kick/Right Knee



Punching from Full Mount

Belt Drill: groups of 2; striker starts in full mount on top of a pad with a belt around his waist held by a partner; after the striker strikes the pads for a while, the instructor yells “go!” and the striker jumps up and sprints across the room and back while the partner holds him back with the belt; the striker returns and continues to strike the pad.  2 times each person

Basic Takedown Defense

Failure Drill: gently train on Basic Takedown Defense; the defender should fail and the attacker should take him gently to the ground; the defender should pull guard

Kick Off From Guard

Guard Reversal

Drill: Basic Takedown Defense/gentle takedown/Guard Reversal



Overhand Right Punch

Combo #9: Overhand Right/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right

Headlock from Behind (review)

Headlock from Behind, Attacker Jumping onto Defender’s Back (shoulder throw)

One Arm Throw


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