Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Retreating Straight Punch
Elbows 4-7
Choke from the Side

Final Drill:
Grp of 3, Atkr, Defr, PadH. As Defr performs retreating punch, attacker applies Side Choke. Defend and return to striking.

360 w/ Counter
Side Kick w/ Advance
Ground Defense vs. Headlock Full Mount
Ground Defense vs. Choke Full Mount

Final Drill:
Grp of 3. Defr, 2 Atkr. Attacker attacks defender on ground with either Headlock/Choke. Defender gets up and is attacked with 360 by second attacker.

Review Mount Escapes (Trap/Buck/Roll + Choke/Headlock, Side Mount
Review Back Fall Break, Forward/Backward Rolls

Full Nelson – Throw
Full Nelson – Sweep

Final Drill:
Perform either Full Nelson defense, defender then attempts to mount attacker (Side or Back), commence ground fight for dominant position.

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