Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Advancing Straight Punch
Grp 2, Def, PH. Neutral, eyes closed. PH taps and steps out of striking range. Def advances forward with punch then continues striking with appropriate combatives to the pad based on distance until PH calls to “RESET!”

Inside Defense
Straight Punch Low
Inside Defense vs. Low Punch
Rear Choke w/ Push
Grp 3, A, B, C. A attacks B with regular or low straights. At any point C attacks A with Rear Choke w/ Push (B should get out of way). After defense, A returns to attacking.

Outside Defense vs. Front Kick
Ground – Trap, Buck & Roll
Ground – Def. vs. Choke in Full Mount
Ground – Def. vs. Headlock in Full Mount
Grp of 3. A, B, C. A begins on back. B mounts with any of the above attacks. A defends and crouches down. C sends Front Kick for Stabbing Defense. B transitions to back, C attacks, A kicks.

Warmup Drill: 50/50 Tabata
20s Straight Punches, 10s Rest, 20s Knees, 10s Rest x 4 Rounds, then switch.

Stick – Overhead
Stick – Off Angle

Axe Defense vs. Overhead

FINAL DRILL: Circle of Death
Def in middle, attackers in a circle around. Attacks with stick from various angles/attacks. Defend and reset. If defender knows stick vs. stick, can retain stick for one attack after disarm.

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