Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Palm Heel Strikes
Round Kick
R RHK + Palm Heel Burst* + Switch/L RHK
*Padholder cues for number of Palm Heels before starting each combo
Ground – Round Kick
Choke Front – 1 Hand

Grps 2, Padholder/Attacker, Striker/Defender. Defender begins on back. Pad Holder cues for Ground Kick, gets up and attacks with Choke.

Headbutts (Forward, Side, Back, Upward)
Grps 2, Padholder Striker. PHR moves around STK and cues for any headbutt. STK sends headbutt and turns to orient toward pad for a forward combative burst (straights, hammers, elbows). While turning, STK can send an appropriate transitional strike, but should not make contact.

DRILL2: Slow Work
Same as above, but no pad. STK begins neutral/eyes closed. Partner positions at any angle and cues to “Open”. STK opens and SLOWLY sends appropriate headbutt, transition strikes and finishes. All strikes should be sent SLOW and actually make contact.

Ground – Choke, Full Mount
Ground – Headlock, Full Mount

Grps 3. Defender/Striker, Attacker, Padholder. DFR begins on back, mounted by ATK. ATK applies either ground attack. After defending, PHR approaches and DFR should send combo from DRILL1 above. Note headbutt angle will depend on where pad is located upon getting up.

Grps 2, Attacker, Defender, gloves on. ATK begins in mount. Instructor cues “GO!”. ATK sends punches, DFR covers and absorbs. Instructor cues “DEFEND!” ATK stops striking and DFR performs Trap, Buck and Roll

Same as above, however this round ATK can attempt to stay in the mount and continue striking.

Ground – Guillotine
Ground – Guillotine Escape

Full Nelson – Throw

Grps 2, Attacker, Defender. DFR begins in Guard. ATK applies Guillotine, defend. DFR gets up and moves to crash pad. ATK applies Full Nelson, defend. Return to position and repeat.

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