Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Advancing Straight Punch
Hammerfist Forward
COMBO: Advancing Straight + Straight/Hammerfist Mix Burst
Grp 2, Padholder, Striker. Striker sends combo above then step pivots about 90 degrees to either side of padholder. Pad holder reorients to striker to repeat combo.

Headlock Rear
Grp 3, Padholder, Striker, Attacker. Same combo as drill above, but attacker can apply Headlock Rear.

Choke Rear w/ Pull
Ground – Fall Break – High
Ground – Trap, Buck and Roll

Grps 2, Defender, Attacker. Attacker begins neutral, eyes closed. Attacker should apply Choke Rear w/ Pull, but pull back and down attempting to put defender on the ground. If possible, defender can make the defense. If unsuccessful, defender will end up on the ground. Attacker should mount for trap, buck and roll.
NOTE: Be sure to practice the Choke Rear with a “difficult” pull prior to the final drill.

REVIEW: 360 + Counter/Finish
REVIEW: Stick Downward Swing All Angles
Axe Defense – Overhead

DRILL: Circle of Death – Stick Edition
Defender surrounded by attackers with sticks. Attackers cue and attack from any angle with stick/axe attacks. NOTE: Attacker should not wait for defender to orient so attack is from front. Cue and GO!

DRILL – FINAL: Circle of Death – Super Deadly Edition
Same as above, but attacker can utilize any attack/weapon.

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