Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ground – Back Position
Ground – Back Fall Break
Ground – Getup
Ground – Front Kick
Drill: Groups 2, Striker, Pad holder (Kick shield) + Roaming Attackers. Strikers work freestyle upper body strikes (Straights, Hammers, Elbows) to pad. Roaming attackers apply Sweep to Striker. Striker Fall Breaks into Ground Position. Pad holder circles and moves in for Ground Front Kicks, upon backing away, Striker Getups and returns to freestyle strikes.

Defensive Front Kick
DRILL: Groups 2, Pad holder, Striker. Striker at one end of room, eyes closed. Pad holder approaches from various distances. On “OPEN!” Striker opens eyes and sends defensive front kick to pad. Note: Depending on experience, add in additional counter strikes.
Outside Defense 1-5
Hair Grab Behind
Drill: Roaming Attackers. Defenders begin center of room, eyes closed. Attackers can cue verbally for DFK or Outside Defense, or physically with Hair Grab Behind.

Drill: Monkey in Middle- groups of, one person in the middle; strike one pad until hit with the other pad; turn with appropriate strikes and engage that pad, etc. 90 seconds each person
Headlock from the Side- review
Headlock Spinning Inward
Headlock- Neck break
Drill: attacker makes a headlock; the defender defends, and the two people end up on the ground; immediately, both should begin fighting for a position of dominance

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