Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Straight Punches
Front Kick
Round Kick
Sprawl with Knee at the end
Drill: 2 rounds of 2 minutes with the following strikes: L/R combination, front kicks, round kicks, or sprawl/knee
Choke from the Front (2 hand)
Drill: defend against Choke from the Front; make different combination of counterattacks each time.
Drill: slow work; defend against Choke from the Front, but each time you counterattack, the the defender covers up his body so that you must find a new place to strike

Side Kick
Combo: Side Kick/Straight Punch/Knees
Hair Grab from the Front
Hair Grab from the Side
Bearhug from the Side (defend like bearhug from the front)
Drill: Attacks from the side – hair grab, bear hug, or threat with the pad (side kick)

Straight Punches
Drill: Sprint/push up drill
Knife – kick v. knife attack from distance
Knife – downward stab
Drill: attacker attacks, defend makes a kick; the ATTACKER either reacts to the kick or ignores it and continues attacking; the defender must then make the hand defense. ADVANCED STUDENTS defend against left or right handed attacker

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