Lesson Plans Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Straight Punches

Front Kick, Vertical Target

Drill: groups of 3; one pad holder at one end of the room holds for straight punches; pad holder at other ends holds for front kick vertical target: instructors calls out which side; third person sprints there and strikes

Combination: Right Front Kick Vertical Target/Right Knee

Combination: Left Front Kick Vertical Target/Left Knee

Choke from Behind



Back Kick

Defensive Back Kick with a Spin

Combo: Defense Back Kick with a Spin/Left Knee



Simple Takedown

Combinations Using Gloves Not Focus Mitts: Partner calls out combination 1-4; striker makes combination, then shoots in with Simple Takedown; go back and forth

Gun from the Side in Front of Arm (work both sides)

Gun from the Front, Pushing Into Stomach

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