Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 22, 2013 “Violence of Action”

Straight Punches
Hammerfist to the Side
Drill: defender stands with eyes closed; attacker strikes/pushes with pad; defender opens eyes and makes an immediate counterattack, then follows up very aggressively.
Front Kick to the Groin
Combo: Front Kick/Knee
Drill: same drill as above, include groin kick/knee as a counterattack

Hook Punch
Combo: Right Cross/Left Hook
Drill: eyes closed; attacker hits defender on the head with one focus mitt; defender immediately makes right cross/left hook combination aggressively!
Ground: Elbow Escape from Full Mount
Barricade Drill: defender start out making Elbow Escape from Full Mount, then stands up and pushes through a wall of pad holders (note: safety is important!) and gets to a pad to strike; the pad holder yells “time!” and the defender must turn and go BACK through the barricade again to strike another pad.

General Warm Up with Combatives
Drill: Barricade Drill – push through a wall of pads (safely!) then strike a target until the pad holder calls time.
Knife Downward Stab
Drill: eyes closed; attacker makes several stabs from any angle (lightly but quickly); the defender must react, turn and try to control the knife as soon as possible.

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