Lesson Plans Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Left/Right Punches
Elbow #1 (both sides)
Combo: Left/Right/Right Elbow
Combo: Left/Right/Left Elbow (from a fighting stance, make the elbow a little more like a left hook)
Knees – practice with and without grab/control
Elbow #3 – emphasize turning and giving knees
Choke from Behind

Combo #6 (Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Hook) – emphasize bursting in on first hook
Headbutt Forward
Headbutt Side
Headlock from the Side (include headbutts in counters)
Bearhug from the Front, Arms caught (include headbutts in counters)
Drill: eyes closed, Bearhug Front or Headlock Side

Axe Kick
Gun – Third Party, perpendicular to line of fire
Gun – Third Party, beside gunman
Gun -Third Party, behind gunman
Gun – Third Party, behind gunman, bursting between gunman and bystander (have the bystander stand to the right of the gunman with a small space between them)

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