Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Straight Punches

Drill: Belt Drill

Advancing Straight Punch

Advanced Technique: Gun from the Front



Defensive Front Kick

Hook Punch

Drill: practice hook punch at various ranges from very close to full extension

Combo #7: Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Hook

Bearhug Front Arms Free, Neck Leverage

Drill: eyes closed; attacker may hold for Defensive Front Kick OR Hook Punch OR make an attack with Bearhug From the Front Arms Free


Focus Mitts: Opposite stance — Right/Left/move out/burst in with Right/Left Again

Knife Downward Stab – emphasis on disarms

Knife Upward Stab – emphasis on disarms

Drill: two attackers; first attacker uses knife; defender makes the defense and attempts to disarm and use the knife to defend himself against the second attacker, who also has a knife.


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