Lesson Plans Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beginner (A3)

Punches- Straight

Front Kick (Groin)

Drill: Find your partner drill (using straight punches/ Groin Kicks)

360 defenses

Choke from the Front (2-Handed)

Drill: eyes closed, choke, 360 or jolt with pad and react with straight punches

Intermediate (A3)

Hook Punch

Uppercut Punch

Focus MittĀ Combo: Rear hand Uppercut/Front Hook/Rear Cross

Focus Mitt Combo: Front hand Uppercut/Rear Cross/Front Hook

Bearhug from the front arms Caught

Bearhug from the front arms free (space)

Drill: Group of 3. Defender starts with eyes closed. Attacker initiates drill. After initial defense is made, defender should disengage from attacker and continue with combatives on pad holder (holding a kickshield) until pad holder calls “time”. Reset & repeat for the length of the round.

Advanced (A3)

Back Kick

Spinning Back Kick

2 Back Kicks with a Switch

Stick- Baseball bat swing (left and right)

Drill: 2 attackers, 1 defender, constant baseball bat attacks from left or right side. No disarm during the first round, just initial defense (attacks should be non-stop and fast!). During second round, the defender should attempt to disarm, but the next attacker should make the defender feel rushed by bringing on their attack before the defender is completely ready

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