Lesson Plans Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Eye Strike
Elbow #6
Focus Mitt Drill: pad holder holds one focus mitt approximately head level. Striker throws eye strike with lead hand, closes distance and throws elbow #6. Once comfortable with drill, both striker & pad holder may begin to move between combinations.
Choke from Front (1-handed)

Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on Centerline
Review Bearhug Defenses (Front & Rear)
Bearhug Front (lifting)
Bearhug Behind (lifting)
Circle-of-Death: 1 defender, rest of class attacking constantly. All level 1 self-defenses + bearhug attacks with or without lifting.
Gun from Behind at a Distance
Long Gun from Behind – Touching (both sides)
Circle-of-Death: 1 defender, rest of class attacks. All lower level self-defenses involving attacks from behind + hand gun from behind at a distance + long gun from behind (touching)

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