Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Straight Punches
Left/Right Combo
Drill: partner calls out even number; make that many punches
360 w/counterattack (from Level 2)
Drill: groups of three; make non-stop punches, then turn and make 360 defenses against second attacker

Focus Mitts – Left, Right, and Left/Right Combo
Conditioning Drill: 30 seconds straight punches; 10 second rest; 30 seconds sprawling; 10 second rest; 30 seconds straight punches; 10 second rest; 30 seconds push ups; 10 second rest; repeat sequence one more time
Hook Punch – practice various distances
Hook Punch – practice sucker punch from passive stance and/or from hands up, de-escalation position
Ground – punching focus mitts from guard
Ground – Kick Off From Guard
Ground – Get Up (review)
Drill: Kick Off From Guard, then get up, work straight punches and hook punches

Striking Review – work punches and kicks from a neutral stance, and while holding objects in hands
Conditioning Drill: groups of 4-5; non-stop striking to pad; on command, drop down to floor on stomach; all pad holders pile on top and become deadweight; defender must struggle to get free, get up, and continue striking pad (2 rounds)
Knife Upward Stab

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