Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 7, 2015

(special thanks to Derrek Hofrichter)



Palm Heel Strike

Drill: 30 seconds non-stop palm strikes x 3 rounds

Hammerfist to the Side

Choke from the Side

Drill: eyes closed, pad holder signals from front or side OR makes Choke from the Side



Hook Punch

Focus Mitts: Combo #3

Focus Mitts: Left/Right Hook

Front Kick with Advance

Defense v. Front Kick (redirecting)

Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)

Inside Defense (review)

Drill: sparring movement, attacker makes Front Kick with Advance OR Straight Punch



Focus Mitts: 2 rounds, combos 1-4

Spinning Heel Kick

Combo: Combo #3/spinning heel kick

Gun from the Front

Gun from the Front, Assailant Pushing

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