Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Combo: Left/Right/move away as pad holder reaches pad out to touch you

Round Kick (work both legs)

Combo: Left/Right/Left Round Kick

Ground – Back Position and Movement

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Round Kick

Drill: non-stop punches/lay down on command (advanced students can do Break Fall if you want them to/move as attacker circles/kick and get up/continue drill



Focus Mitts: Combos 1-5 ALWAYS slipping a straight punch at the end

Ground – Headlock, Forward

Ground – Headlock, Backward

Drill: headlock forward or backward against a resisting attacker



Thai Pads: Combo #2 with kick/Right/Left Hook/Thai Clinch/Knee

Thai Pads: Combo #3 with kick/Combo #7/Clinch/Knee

Gun from the Front, attacker disturbing with left hand (do regular gun from the front)

Gun from the Front, attacker pushing across body toward defender’s left shoulder (use machine gun takedown)

Drill: attacker disturbing; defender must recognize and choose the appropriate defense


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