Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hammerfist to the Side
Elbows 1 & 2
Drill: 2 tombstone pad holders, 1 striker. 1 tombstone pad holder begins calling combinations for striker to throw. At any point the other pad holder approaches striker from the side and either bumps them with the pad or verbally gets their attention. Striker delivers either Hammerfist to the Side or Elbow 2 and transitions towards 2nd pad holder who will now call combinations. The pad holders will repeat the process back & forth until “Time” is called.
Choke from the Side

Headbutts (Forward, Side, Upward, Backward)
Bearhug Front Arms (Caught & Arms Free)
Bearhug Front Arms Free Leverage on the Neck
Drill: Circle-of-Death. 1 defender, rest of class attacks. All Level 1 basic chokes and bearhugs from the front are allowed. Attacks should come in rapid succession. Encourage defenders to incorporate headbutts into their follow-up combatives once they reach control position.

One Arm Shoulder Throw
Tabata Focus Mitt Rounds: 20 seconds maximum effort, 10 seconds of rest. Rounds 1-3, focus mitt holder throws 1 straight punch, striker slips and counters with either lead uppercut/cross/hook or rear uppercut/hook/cross. Rounds 4-6, focus mitt holder throws 1 looping hook, striker bobs & weaves and counters with either hook/cross/hook or cross/hook/cross.
Advanced Gun – from behind, attacker close (hug defense)

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