Lesson Plans Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hammerfist to the Side – include additional counterattacks

Knees – discuss balance and assessment during combatives

Drill: defender delivers 1 or 2 knees with a control position, then attacker pushes forward; the defender must establish a base and then deliver knees again

360 – include some counterattacks

Drill: eyes closed; partner pushes from either side and defender makes Hammerfist to the Side and then continues with additional counterattacks OR attacker gives a verbal signal and makes 360 attack.



Warm Up Combatives

Drill: Interference Drill

Forward Roll

Advanced Technique: Knife – Straight Stab

Drill: just for fun! Attacker pushes from behind; defender makes Forward Roll and turns to face threat; attacker makes straight stab and defender defends



Thai Pad Combo: Right/Left Hook/Right Round Kick/block right round kick/Left/Right/Left Round Kick

Knife – Upward Stab

Knife – Straight Stab

Drill: defend upward stab or straight stab (the defense against Upward Stab will be most useful)

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