Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hammer Fist to the Side

Front Kick Vertical Target

Combo: Hammer Fist to the Side/two straight punches/Right Front Kick Vertical Target

Choke from Behind

Drill: eyes closed; attacker either makes Choke From Behind OR pushes from side with a pad and defender makes the combination



Combo: Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Straight (combo #8)

Headbutt Forward

Combo: Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Right Straight/Headbutt

Combo: Headbutt/Right Knee/Right Elbow/Headbutt

Ground: Headlock from the Side, Leaning Forward



Focus Mitts: Three 2 minute rounds in opposite stance

Review basic self defense (chokes, bearhugs, etc)

Knife Threats – live side

Knife Threats – dead side

Drill: eyes closed, any basic self defense or knife threats


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