Lesson Plans Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Left/Right Combination
Front Kick to a Vertical Target
Knees (regular and round)
Drill: Combo- Front Kick Vertical Target, L/R combination followed by non stop knees. On instructors signal, 3 Burpees, 3 Push ups and repeat combination.
Wrist Releases
Choke from Behind
Drill: Defender Eyes Closed, Attacker; make choke from behind Or bump defender with pad and hold for strikes.

Basic Punching and Kicking to large shield
Drill: “in” and “out” on instructors command, practicing distance continuum (kicks, punches, then elbows and knee, etc)
Front Kick with Advance (fighting and neutral)
Defense v. Low Round Kick (absorb)
Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)
Bearhug Front Arms free (space)
Bearhug Front Arms free (neck leverage)

Axe Kick
COMBO: 4 Straight Punches + Front Groin Kick + Axe Kick (Same Leg), switch fighting stance, repeat.
Jumping Front Kick
DRILL: Pad Line. Pad holders line up in a line. Strikers perform a single kick to pad, then shuffle to next pad.
Headlock Side – Spinning Inward
DRILL – FINAL: Roaming Attackers can apply either Headlock Side Regular OR Spinning Inward. Defender responds accordingly.

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