Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Beginner (B3)
Elbows 4-7
Knees (regular and round)
Choke from Behind with a Push
A/B Drill: Group A attacks, Group B defends. Defenders in passive stance eye’s shut. Attackers either bump defenders with a tombstone and hold for elbow an elbow (4-7) or choke defenders from behind and push. Defenders should finish strong with combatives before resetting.

Intermediate (D3)
Review: Back Kick
Defensive Back Kick with a Spin
Outside Defenses 1-5
Bearhug Behind (finger leverage)
Drill: Group of 3. 1 attacker, 1 striker, 1 defender. Defender in fighting stance, striker throws single outside straight punches. At any time attacker may bearhug striker from behind (arms free). Striker must defend (leverage on finger), finish with combatives, then resume throwing outside straight punches at defender.

Advanced (D3)
Review: Back Kick & Spinning Back Kick
Jumping Spinning Back Kick
Gun – from behind at a distance (both sides)
Disorientation Drill: Group of 3. 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker, 1 attacker. Focus mitt holder and striker free work. When instructor yells, “Go!” striker spins in place as fast as possible to get dizzy. When instructor yells “Fight!” striker immediately returns to pad work. Attacker may present strikerĀ  with gun from behind at a distance at any time during the drill.

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