Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Palm Heel Strike
Eye Strike
Ground – Side Position
Ground – Side Kick
Ground – Getting Up (from side position)
Circle-of-Death: 1 defender, rest of class attacks. All attackers have kick shields. Defender starts in side position on the ground, attackers surround defender. Defender delivers side kick from the ground to kick shield. Once attackers receive 2-3 kicks on their pad (depending on class size), they must yield and give space. Once all attackers have yielded, defender gets up as quickly as possible ready to continue the fight.

Side Kick (with and without advance)
Heel Kick
Ground – Fallbreak Back
Ground – Fallbreak Side
Ground – Elbow Escape
Ground – Strike from Top
Drill: Working in pairs. 1 attacker, 1 defender. Defender stands in passive stance, eyes shut. Attacker verbally/physically gets defender’s attention and holds a kick shield for a side kick or a tomb stone for a heel kick (making sure to follow up with a few combatives). During the drill instructor yells “Down!”. Defender fallbreaks and attacker immediately gets into mount. Defender must get out of mount as quickly as possible, attackers may throw light palm heel strikes to distract defenders.

Punch in one direction, kick in another
Sliding Defense vs. High Round Kicks
Knife – threat defense to live side
Knife – threat defense to dead side

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