Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Straight Punches
Drill: Find Your Partner
Straight Punch Low
Combo: Left/Low Left Punch/High Right Punch
Inside Defenses
Inside Defense v. Low Punch

Focus Mitts: Left/Right Combo (emphasize movement)
Inside Defense (review)
Inside Defense v. Left/Right
Bearhug from the Front, Arms Caught
Ground – Foot Strip
Drill: foot strip, then get up; attacker makes bearhug OR left/right combination and the defender must defend

Overhand Right Punch
Combo #10: Overhand Right/Left Upper/Overhand Right
Headlock from Behind (review)
Throw: Headlock from Behind (attacker jumping on back)
Knife – hostage from behind
Drill: eyes closed, attacker either jumps on back or makes knife threat from behind

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