Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Front Kick

Round Kick

Combo: Left/Right Round/Right Knee

Combo: Left/Right/Left Round/Left Knee

Drill: Horse Shoe drill (non-stop kicking as the pad moves in a “horse shoe” shape)

Choke from Behind



Focus Mitts: Combo #4/step and pivot to the right/Right

Focus Mitts: Combo #3/step and pivot to the left/Right

Bearhug Front, Arms Free

Reverse Headlock

Drill: partner 1 makes Bearhug Front, Arms Free; partner 2 defends, then applies Reverse Headlock; partner 1 then makes Defense v. Reverse Headlock



Sparring: 6 rounds (2 from opposite stance)

Handgun from Kneeling Position

Long Gun from kneeling position (treat like hand gun, getting up as soon as possible)


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