Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Straight Punches

Drill: belt drill

Straight Punch Low

Combo: Left Low/Right High Punch

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill: defend high or low straight punch



Thai Pads: 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Inside Defense v. Left/Right

Inside Defense v. Left/Right (lean back and trap)

Round Kick – review high round kicks

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 or 3 points of contact)

Drill: one attack, one defend: left/right combo or high round kicks


Focus Mitts: Combo #8/duck left hook/Right/Left Hook

Focus Mitts: Combo #9/duck right hook/Left Hook/Right

Focus Mitts:

Sparring: one person in the middle; 1 minute rounds against different opponents

Cavaliers 1-4

Knife Threat – Live Side

Knife Threat – Dead Side

Drill: either side threat

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