Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Movement – Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, & Back
Straight punch with Advance
Straight Punch with Retreat
Choke from the Front (1-handed)
Drill: A/B drill. Group A attacks, Group B defends. Defenders start with eyes closed, attackers attack randomly. Complete self-defense, immediately reset and wait for next attack.


Defensive Front Kick
Inside Defense v. Left/Right (1-handed)
Bearhug Behind Arms Caught
Bearhug Behind Arms Free
Drill: Group of 3; 1 puncher, 1 defender, 1 attacker. Puncher throws left/right combo at defender. Defender uses inside defense (1-hand). At anytime attacker bearhugs puncher from behind. Puncher must defend appropriately.


2 Front Kicks with a Switch
2 Straight Knees with a Switch
Long Gun from Behind, touching (both sides)
Drill: Group of 3; 1 kick shield holder, 1 striker, 1 gunman. Striker free works on kick shield mixing in 2 front kicks with a switch and 2 straight knees with a switch. At anytime, gunman threatens striker with long gun from behind (touching). Striker defends, finishes fight, then immediately returns to striking the pad.

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