Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Straight Punch Review

Drill: belt drill

Advancing Straight Punch

Straight Punch Low

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill: defend high or low straight punch



Back Kick

Drill: groups of 3; attack one target; when defender hears signal, make a back kick to a second threat then turn to continue attacking that threat; continue

Ground – Elbow Escape from Full Mount

Drill: groups of 4; start on ground, make Elbow Escape to stand up, then continue with drill as above until group leader says “down!” Reset and continue



Thai Pads: Combo #3/block right low kick/Combo #3

Sparring: 10 second rounds (90% speed, light contact) with a 5 second break to find a new partner; 15 rounds

Gun from the Front – attacker pulling back on the gun or falling down from the punch


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