Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Combo: Left/Right/Left Knee (with a switch)
Combo: Elbow #2/grab and give right knee (with a switch)
Choke from the Front (2 hand)
Choke from the Side
Drill: eyes closed; any of these chokes

Review Chokes from Level 1
Focus Mitts: Left/Right/Headbutt
Focus Mitts: Right/Left Elbow #1/Headbutt
360 with Counterattack
Drill: attacker makes a choke; defender defends; during counterattacks, attacker steps back, then makes 360 attack; defender makes Defense and Counterattack, then continues.
Ground – Elbow Escape from Full Mount
Drill – escape from full mount


Punch One Direction, Kick Another — non-stop punching to focus mitts; person on either side calls out and defender must immediately make a side kick to that side, then return to punches
Full Nelson – Finger Grab
Full Nelso – Sweep
Drill: punch and kick drill as above, but another attacker can make full nelson attack any time; defender must try finger grab or sweep.

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