Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Combos: Left/Right Groin Kick, Left/Right/Left Groin Kick, Left/Right/Left/Right Groin Kick, Left/Right/Left/Right/Left Groin Kick (these are combos 1-4 with straight punches instead of hooks)
Round Kick
Combo: Left/Right/Left/Right Round Kick, Left/Right/Left/Right/Left Round (these are combos 3 & 4 with straight punches)
Headlock from Behind
Drill: pad holder calls out combos 3 or 4; at any time, a second attacker makes Headlock from Behind

Focus Mitts: Combos 3 and 4
Back Kick
Side Kick
Drill: Monkey in the Middle with Side Kicks, Front Kicks, and Back Kicks
Ground: Elbow Escape from Full Mount
Drill: Monkey in the Middle as above; at any time, a pad holder yells “down!”; defender must drop, defend full mount, then get up and continue

Thai Pads: Combo #8 with knee
Thai Pads: Combo #9 with knee
Long Gun Live Side
Long Gun Dead Side
Drill: eyes closed, any angle in front

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