Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Straight Punches
Hammerfist Forward
Drill: belt drill using straight punches and hammerfist
Front Kick to the Groin
Combo: right front kick/right knee
Headlock from Behind

Inside Defense (review)
Defensev. Hook Punch (extended)
Fallbreak backward
Ground: Defense v. Full Mount (trap and roll)
Ground: Defense v. Choke Full Mount
Drill: defend hook punches; when attacker pushes (gently), the defender should fall back and make a fallbreak; attacker then jumps on top and the defender must make the defense v. full mount

Focus Mitts: 3 rounds of 2 minutes
Inside Defense with Counters v. Left Punch (review)
Inside Defense with Counters v. Right Punch (review)
One Arm Shoulder Throw
Drill: partner throws mostly straight punches; now and then, he throws a haymaker punch; the defender should block with 360 defense and make One Arm Shoulder Throw. IF you do not one the attacker’s to be thrown, you can make the drill with lifting only, not the complete throw.
Full Nelson Throw

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