Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Ground and Pound

Drill: drag across room – ground and pound a pad with partner holding a belt around waist; on command, get up and sprint to end of room and back with partner holding belt for resistance

Straight Punch with Advance

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill: left hand only, defend high or low

Drill: right hand only, defend high or low



Focus Mitts: Combo #3/bob and weave to your left/Left Hook/Right Cross

Forward Roll

Headlock from the Side going forward

Headlock from the Side going backward

Drill: with non-compliant attacker, try to escape headlock; however long it takes you, that’s how long you must punch, once you stand up: third person acts as pad holder and timekeeper!


Punching 1 Direction, Side Kick in Another

Drill: focus mitt work with partner; second pad holder makes threat, and defender makes side kick, then returns to focus mitts

Guillotine – standing (this is not in normal curriculum) — to make standing guillotine, wrap arm under neck, pull up and sit hips down and inward

Drill: light sparring, designated attacker shoots in, defender makes standing guillotine

Ground – Guillotine

Ground – Defend v. guillotine

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