Lesson Plans Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beginner (A3)

Punches- L/R Combination

Knee Strikes- Clinch position

Drill: Striker starts on the ground on their back, Pad holder stands over them with the pad. Striker; non stop punches from the ground, on Instructors signal, striker gets up quickly, L/R combination, clinch and non stop knee strikes.  Repeat!

360 Defense

Advanced Defense

Gun from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3, striker; non stop punches on the pad, attacker; Gun from Behind or any level 1 attack.



Intermediate (C3) 

Hook Punch

Combination- Right Cross, Left Hook, Cross

Drill: Striker starts on their back on the ground, Eyes Closed, Pad holder; taps then on the head; respond with Right Cross/Left Hook, Cross

Ground- Elbow to knee escape

Ground- Defense v. Full mount -Trap and Roll

Drill: striker starts on the ground on their back, eyes closed, attacker; can either mount defender or tap their head and hold for the above combo.  Reset!


Advanced (B1)

Ax Kick

Combination- Ax Kick followed by Cross, Hook

Double Leg Takedown

Drill: L/R Combination, shoot in for a Double Leg Takedown and get to side control.

Knife- defense v. downward stab

Knife- defense v. downward stab from mount


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