Lesson Plans Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beginner Class (B1)

Straight punch with Advance

Choke from the Front- Review (2 Handed)

Choke from the Front with a push

Drill: Slow work; feel the difference between a static choke or a choke with a push

Inside Defense from Passive Position

Drill: defend against a punch OR a static choke OR a choke with a push

Intermediate Class (D1)

Focus Mitts – Left/Right/Left Hook/Right Cross (build combination slowly)

360 defense with counter attacks

Reflexive defense v. Front Kick

Drill: Eyes closed, attacker gives verbal signal and them makes either 360 or Front Kick to the Groin; defender must make reflexive defense v. Front Kick OR 360 with counter attacks

Advanced Class (D1)

Overhand Right Punch

Focus Mitts- 2 rounds of 5 minutes; incorporate Overhand Right punch in combinations

One Arm Shoulder Throw

Drill: Any level 1 or level 2 techniques; One Arm shoulder Throw, if available

Stick- Overhead defense

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 round of 90 seconds; Light Sparring (open hand/Shin Guards on); Defender; light sparring with partner, 3rd person (attacker); gives a verbal signal and makes an Overhead stick attack, defender; defends and continues with sparring.

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