Lesson Plans Thursday, October 6, 2016

Beginner (B1)
Movement -Fighting stance
Palm Heel Strikes
Round Kick
Choke from the Front one handed pluck
Drill- Eyes Closed, defender either gets choked and has to defend or gets popped with a pad and makes palm heel strikes until pad holder call time

Intermediate Class (D1)
Hook Punch
Headbutt Forward
Focus Mitt Combination: Left, Right, Left Hook, Headbutt forward
Reflexive Defense v. Front Kick
Inside Defense v. Right (1 counter)
Inside Defense v. Left punch
Drill: eyes closed; verbal signal; rest to either straight punch or Front Kick
Choke from Behind with a pull

Advanced (D1)
Tabata Punches= 8 Rounds, 20 sec full speed, 10 sec Rest
Scissor Front Kick
Plucking/Rowing Defense v. Side Kick
Redirecting Defense v. High Side Kick
Advanced Gun- Under chin, in mouth , grabbing hair etc.
Advanced Gun- from behind, attacker close ( hugging defense)

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