Lesson Plans Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beginner Class (B1)
Punches- Straight
Hammerfist Forward
Front Kick- Groin
Drill: Burn Out Drill! 1 round of 90 Seconds
20 Punches
1 Sprawl
20 Hammerfist
1 Sprawl
20 Front Kicks Groin
1 Sprawl
20 Knees
1 Sprawl
Inside Defense
Choke from Front with a Push
Drill: Eyes closed; defend Choke from Front with a push OR Inside Defense

Intermediate Class (D1)
Side Kick (with and without advance)
L/R Combination
Headbutt Forward
Combination: Side kick/turn to face the pad/L-R Combination/Headbutt Forward
Choke from Behind with a Pull
Ground- elbow escape
Drill: groups of 3, small shield; defender starts on the ground, attacker mounts defender, defender makes elbow escape, gets up and makes non- stop strikes on pad (include headbutts); while the defender is attacking the pad, the attacker makes a Choke from Behind with a pull, defender defends and resets!

Advance Class (D1)
Light Sparring (Hands only, open hands)
Single Leg takedown
Light Sparring including single leg takedowns; sprawl to defend
Stick Overhead (left handed attacker)
Drill: Eyes closed; defend stick overhead or takedown

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