Lesson Plans Thursday, October 1, 2015

Beginner Class (B1)
Zombie Drill!
Palm Heel Strikes
Drill: Palm Heel Strikes, on instructors signal- Jump Knee tuck, then back to Palm Heel Strikes, give an increasing number of jumps up to 5.
Choke from the Side
Advance- Downward Stab
Drill: Groups of 3; non-stop strikes on the pad, defend Choke from the Side OR Downward Stab.

Intermediate Class (D1)
Thai Pads- 3 rounds of 3 minutes; Include kicks and Elbow, Sprint one lap around the mat on instructors signal, then back to combinations
360 with Counterattacks
Choke from Front Against wall
Drill: Groups of 3; Dim the lights, blast the music (the goal is to make the environment appear very chaotic), defender; starts close to the wall, Eyes closed, Choke against the wall OR defend 360, finds the pad holder and makes non-stop strikes until pad holders calls time. Reset!

Advanced Class (D1)
Thai Pads 2-5 Minute Rounds- Opposite Stance; sprawl jump knee tuck on instructors signal, then back to working the pad
2 Back Kicks with a Switch
Gun- from Behind
Advanced Gun – from behind, attacker close (hugging defense)
Drill: Eyes closed; defend Gun from Behind – basic defense OR Hugging defense OR pad holder/attacker comes up from behind, gives a verbal signal, then make a 2 Back kicks with a switch.

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