Lesson Plans Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beginner (B2)

Palm Heel Strikes

Palm Heel Strikes from the mount (using a large shield)

Front Kick (Groin)

A/B Drill: Front Kick (Groin) at one side and Palm Heel strike from the mount at the other.

Headlock from Behind

Ground- Getting Up

Drill: Groups of 3, one large shield, defender; starts on their back, gets up, non stop strikes on the pad, attacker makes a headlock from behind, reset after a successful defense.


Intermediate (D2)

3 Round Drill

360 Defense with Counterattacks

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)

Ground- trap and roll

Ground- defense v. choke full mount

Drill: Groups of 3, 1 defender, 2 attackers, defender starts on the ground, attacker mounts defender and makes either of the above ground techniques, defender; makes the appropriate defense and quickly gets up, 2nd attacker; gives a verbal and makes a 360 attack or a High round kick, defender; defends and follows up with counter attacks. Reset.


Advanced (D2)

Focus Mitts- 3 Rounds of 3 Minutes, Opposite Stance

Chops (inside and out side)

Gun from the Side, Behind Arm

Gun from behind (touching)

Gun from the side, in front Arm

Drill: Groups of 5, monkey in the middle, non stop Gun Threats


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