Lesson Plans Thursday, May 25, 2017

Palm Heel Strike
Hammerfist to the side
Combination: Hammerfist to the side, transition to face the pad and follow up with 6 Palm Heel strikes.
Drill: Striker eyes closed; pad holder bumps striker from the front and from the side; striker makes the appropriate combative.
Choke from the Front with a push (include off angles)
Drill: 5 Rounds- 10 Burpees, 20 Palm Heel strikes, defend Choke from the front with a push 10x- vary angles.

Inside Defense (review)
Hook Punch Defense (extended)
Hook Punch Defense (covering)
Drill: defend straight or hook (left only); then straight or hook (right only)
Drill: both attack and defend, lightly
Sparring: 2 minute rounds

Fighting in the Clinch: slow work such as knees and head butts
Gun Side, in Front of the Arm
– emphasize additional counterattacks such as knees and head butts
Gun Side, Front of Arm- attacker reaching and putting left hand on gun, preventing immediate disarm
Gun Front, Pushing Into Stomach

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